The Most Effective Non-Toxic Deodorant I Have Ever Tried

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Commercial deodorants can contain many harsh an toxic chemicals, including aluminum, which can leach into your body through your skin

I am trying to eliminate as many toxins from my daily life as possible (since my husband developed cancer from -what we believe was- exposure to toxins in the military). I wanted a natural deodorant that was free of aluminum and baking soda, that could actually control odor AND wetness. I have tried several department store brands of natural deodorant, and have not been happy with any of them.

What Is the Problem With Department Store "Natural" Deodorants?

On my quest for a natural deodorant that actually worked like the traditional deodorants I have used all my life, I bought several different brands from the local grocery stores and pharmacies. I was not happy with any of them. They do not control sweating, many contain baking soda, which irritates my skin, and several of them feel like I’m rubbing my armpits with sandpaper. Worst of all, none of them really controlled my underarm odor, and I’m not naturally a very “smelly” person, so I’m guessing I probably smell about the same as not wearing anything with these other natural brands.

I was about ready to give in and make the tough choice of whether to keep my armpits “au natural” to eliminate any chance of toxins getting into my body, or continuing to use expensive natural brands that barely helped with my problem, and made my armpits breakout half the time. In addition, when you are used to using an anti-perspirant your whole life, it is hard to use something that does not control sweating (ew, armpit wetness!)

Enter the Game Changer: Lume Deodorant!

I saw a few commercials online about this new natural deodorant, and they were entertaining- at least their marketing team knew what they were doing, they kept my attention with a commercial about deodorant…not an easy feat!

It was a bit higher priced, but not much more that the other natural products that I had tried and did not like.

I like that the product was developed by a doctor, and the science explaining how the product works made sense to me. I figured I would at least give it a try.

My Lume Experience

I will go ahead and tell you that I am a Lume user for life, and I use this deodorant every day and love it!

Some things to note when you first try Lume:

  • The consistency is creamy, almost like hair conditioner
  • Although it does help reduce some sweating, it is NOT an anti-perspirant, so you will need to get accustomed to having slightly sweaty armpits- this is natural, and to clog up your pores to stop your sweating is not really what your body is meant to do
  • Your body will need some time to adjust from using traditional deodorant to using Lume, so you may need to work your way up and figure out the best amount to use and ow often to reapply (every 1-3 days according to them, but I use it every day just to be safe)
  • My armpits did breakout a little when I first switched over, and I was assured that this was my body expelling old deodorant that had been clogging my pores over the years of not sweating- once my body actually started sweating like it was supposed to, those pores had to be cleared. After about a week-10 days, they cleared up and it was never a bad rash, just a little irritated and now I have no issues at all

Another great thing about Lume? You can use it on ALL of your sweaty parts! It’s not just for armpits- in fact, you can apply it anywhere that you have skin touching itself that gets sweaty (use your imagination here, and remember it’s for external use only). I don’t have foot odor problem, but a couple of my kids do, and I have given them a tube. I also use it on a few lady-parts on days I know I’ll be hitting the gym after work…works like a charm!

Lume has several scents that you can choose from, but none of them are very strong, and once you get the product on you, the scent is very light and you can hardly smell anything, you just smell like nothing…which is really what you want when you raise your arms, right?

I once received a container that had cracked on the top applicator and was unusable to apply when it arrived. I could have taken the top off and applied it with my fingers, but I contacted their customer service and they sent me a free replacement right away along with an apology.

I have tried their bar soap as well, and I’m not a huge bar soap person anyway, so I will continue to use what I purchased, but I could take it or leave it. Since I like the deodorant and company so much, I figured I would try their soap too.

They have a regular dial-up stick that I use, but they also have a tube where you can just dispense however much you need (for use in other non-pit areas), but I just swipe across the top and apply it with my fingertips if I’m using it in other areas.

Ii have tried just about every scent, but the Jasmine Rose is my favorite!

Features of Lume Deodorant:

  • Aluminum, Baking Soda, Cruelty, and Dye Free
  • Controls odor for up to 72 hours (results vary, and I never put this to the 3 day test, but I don’t think it would last that long for ME
  • Naturally derived and science based
  • Vegan
  • No artificial fragrances, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, or Talc
  • I don’t claim to fully understand the science, but it has something to do with keeping the bacteria in your skin from producing the odor that happens when you sweat- and if you need a more science-y answer, the product description does a much better job than I can. All I know is it works, and the “how” sort of goes in one ear and out the other. I’m a math person, science was never really my thing!

Final Note About Lume Deodorant

It’s not often I get really excited over a certain product, and even less so about DEODORANT, for crying out loud! I wouldn’t be spending my time writing a whole page about it if it wasn’t that much of a game-changer for me! I believe if I hadn’t found Lume, I would be stuck with two bad options: using some crappy natural deodorant that fails after a few hours, or just going without deodorant and risk losing what few friends I have left, I the name of good health. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose either of those options, because I finally found a product that works for me, that I actually love, and meets all my requirements for eliminating toxins from my skin! I would definitely recommend giving Lume Deodorant a try if you are looking for a natural deodorant that actually works!

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